“Queering the Digital Space” is a new audiovisual project related to my research about new media, queer culture, feminism, gender stereotypes and technology.

The work was premiered at roBOt Festival on October 26th 2019 in Bologna, Italy.

L’indiependente magazine reviewed the performance saying:

“If after the interview we had some idea about what ‘Queering the Digital Space’ is, a new body of work presented by the Bolognese dj and producer Guenter Råler, the live did not miss our expectations, and indeed showed us a rich performance of intellectual and artistic depth: for a full hour the audience inside the room held their neck up and their eyes glued to the projections behind Guenter Råler, which showed, framed in a Google Chrome page, four different sections each playing collage of Youtube videos, Facebook messages, ads, boards, alt-right forum chats and viral videos, playing over a the complex and deconstructed rhythms of the artist’s sounds.”

Here are some snippets from the whole video.

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