No Joke Radio Hosts Guenter Råler


No Joke Radio is a web radio that aims to promote and connect artists and cultural scenes to art enthusiasts across the globe, creating a strong network based on collaboration and coherence. Through an accurate series of podcasts, No Joke Radio will allow listeners to dig deeper into undiscovered scenes of either their own city or a foreign one.

This podcast is a selection by Irene Cassarini (1995) aka Guenter Råler, a 23 years old producer, dj and sound designer based in Bologna, Italy.


‘This podcast is an overview of some of the music that inspired me in the past years and enriched my perspective on music. I choose a lot of different genres and styles, spacing from electroacoustic music to IDM, from tribal rhythms to lo-fi dreamy arpeggios, but with a common ground between all the tracks, which is experimentation. I included artists from different parts of world and from a variety of cultures, languages and musical background. I really enjoy the diverse narratives coming from an eclectic mix, where a track from the 70s can sound as futuristic as some of the best IDM music we have now. To me, it’s a timeless evolution that needs to be discovered’.



1. Yosuke Nagao – Inori (Prayer)
2. Bernard Parmegiani – Étude Élastique
3. Oli XL – Stress Junkie
4. Lorn – set me free
5. Ossia – Tumult (Lurka Remix)
6. Cut Hands – The Claw
7. Evaa – Scheme
8. Princess Nokia – Brujas
9. DJ Nigga Fox – Lua
10. SND – 04:29:59
11. Second Woman – 300528mj1
12. Oneothrix Point Never – I Bite Through It
13. Denis Smalley – Névé
14. SSALIVA x SKYH1 – Rages
15. AbaddoNN – AE86
16. Kamixlo – Lariat
17. Aisha Devi – Inner State of Alchemy