Live sound design @Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam

“HKU meets EYE” is an annual project for live music and live sound design for silent movies. In the video you can see the  final performance of the movie “Wings” (1927) at the Eye film museum in Amsterdam on June 9.

Sound designers/Foley artists: Irene Cassarini, Qing Sun, Cristo Puppers, Max Oostveen, Yorick Sedee and Greg Candel from HKU University in Utrecht.


“Meets Eye” is an annual live performance with a silent film, presented by HKU Music and Technology and Eye Film Museum. This year the students composed music for “Wings”, for a long time the only silent film to win an Oscar, until the Artist won prizes in 2012. Wings received an Oscar for Best Film and Best Special Effects. The music is performed by the Keuris Ensemble conducted by Henry Kelder. Together with the HKU sound designers and sonic performers, they bring the spectacular Oscar winner Wings to life.

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