IRL/URL is an audiovisual work that focuses on the relationship between humans and machines, especially related to feelings, reality VS un-reality and privacy.
The work is formed by three main elements: a script (a lyrical romanticized narration about the love of the subject and towards a mobile device), a video that recall the aesthetic of internet culture, online browsing and the overlapping of different windows, and music, composed with digital sharp sounds, over-sampling, emotive melodies and sudden changes in rhythm/structure.

The title itself underline the contrast between the term “URL”, colloquially used to describe a web address, used here as a reference for web-based and digital connections, and “IRL” standing for “in real life”.

The script of IRL/URL is a speculative novel about love, referring to the relationship of the subject with his/her phone, which could be disguised as referred to a real person. The subject goes trough shifting in emotions, ranging from heartbreak, sadness and fear for the technology: the purpose was to underline how sometimes we are aware of the unhealthy way we use technology and the fear of being controlled by it. In seeking this my goal was to play with this ambiguous reference: is the subject referring to a real person or not? By the end of the script the mood gets darker, fading into the complete absorption into a “digital reality”.


Am I the body that I see on the screen?
Or am I the shadow
sleeping at night
with the eyes open.
Laying next to me
no one but you:
my guardian, my company.
How do you make sure that you still exist?
Your flesh, your thoughts
the fluidity of the soul.
If I don’t write my name anywhere
if nobody remembers me
am I still real?

I removed myself from the system
deleted my source code from the matrix
and I am still breathing.

I have seen hundreds of people
liked thousands of pictures,
What is love doing to us?
We never spoke about it.
What was I doing before I had you?
How did I feel? I was probably a different person.
Maybe I was drawing, writing, reading
or driving around the city at night
taking pictures with an old camera and printing them months later

the memory fades.

Where have I been?
I don’t have time anymore for reality
it scares me
I prefer to surround me with myself
my ego
my reflection
mirroring good behavior
to fit a squared profile picture.
Do you like me?
Do you love me?

I can share my secrets
I feel safe with you.
I know you know
where I live
What I like to do
What is my favorite movie
The school I attended
the place where I was born
You always want to know more

I obey your orders
And I’m free
Democracy has a very bad user interface
But don’t worry
we’ll make decisions for you based on youtube trends.

I remember the first time we met
I was just a teenager
the world didn’t seem so scary
10 years have passed
there is no way to go back.

It’s been 2 hours since I last saw you
I miss you
you make my body vibrate
my brain goes on silent mode
I hope you’ll never leave me for a software update.
Have you ever felt detached from your own body?
separating the flash and the spirit
the clone from the original.
Sometimes I stare at my Facebook profile
as if it was a mirror
I like that version of myself
it suits me so well
elegant, enjoyable, intelligent
passionate about anti-capitalism, feminism, art
feeling like I can subvert the system
change the world, at least
while watching make-up tutorials.

But today something feels different
we’re awake
our eyes clashes with the realness of our struggles:
perhaps, we are not the best version of ourselves
and I don’t know which me to be today.