HKU Gemeente Utrecht prijs winner at HKU Awards 2020

On Thursday 7th January, during the online talk show HKU Awards Future Talks from Library in Neude (Utrecht), the HKU Awards were presented for the most striking and special graduation projects of 2020. The HKU Prize for the Municipality of Utrecht was also awarded for a project with special social relevance from Deirdre Carasso, director of the Utrecht Library.

At the HKU Awards 2020 I have been nominated in HKU prize for the Municipality of Utrecht, for my commitment into social and political activism through music and art. It is an honor to announce that I won the first prize of 5000€, a great recognition from the HKU University and Utrecht.
My graduation project and thesis “Art as an agent of societal change: how music and political activism intersects in avant-garde electronic music” can be found at HKU Exposure.

The jury

An independent jury determined the nominees and winners of the HKU Awards:
• Rutger Verhoeven (founder and director of Clever Lions) – chairman
• Alain Dujardin (Creative director of digital design agency Greenberry)
• Marjolein Oomen (Entrepreneur and Business Strategist)
• Anne van der Zwaag (curator, writer, including Object Rotterdam, Stichting Doen)

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