Guest mix for Radio Tempo Não Pára in Amsterdam

Tember invited me at Radio Tempo Não Pára in Amsterdam, as a guest for his show Unlikely Animal Friends on 19th February 2021.

Fumbata – Imaginary Time
Alley Catss – charge
PALINDROME – The Same Path
SOPHIE, FKA twigs – Psalms
S Olbricht – Beat Me Suzy Mango
Qetsy – Resistencia (Gyro remix)
Khalil – Always Wanted To Ride In A Place Like This
Lorn – Transmute
Zebra Katz – ISH
Doubt – Soilse
DJ Sentimiento – Resiliencia
Torus – 40ac
Basura – Rebirth of Ra
We Buy Gold – Better Off Alone (Shauny B VIP)
Sportsmanship – Rusted Tooth
Dani Rev – Essentia (feat. lil rhiz0me)